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Letter to Vodafone

To whomsoever concerned

I am one of the millions of consumers of Vodfone, who has subscribed to not one but 4 mobile numbers and have been a loyal consumer of your services since many years now. But unfortunately regret to mention that even I am not spared with the worst customer service that your hundreds other consumers have to go through. I am sure there is nothing or unique to this grievance of mine and know very well nothing would change or improve anything at your end with the small email of mine. But still I dare to take this opportunity to make you aware about the frustration I have to go through because of your shoddy call center service.

I had recently travelled from 26th April to 28th April, 2012 to Malaysia and had got activated my international roaming. On 27th April I got an SMS stating my credit limit is Rs. 8800 and my usage has exceeded Rs.10083 and need to make interim payment to avoid restriction of services. Promptly after receiving the a payment of Rs. 5000 was made within two hours of receiving the SMS, which was confirmed by an SMS. Later my credit limit was hiked to Rs.9000 (I felt delighted). Post which I deactivated internet connectivity on my Samsung phone cause of very high international roaming tariff. After returning to India on 28th April I reactivated my internet settings but could not get the connectivity back. I called numerous times to your call center but interestingly every time I called I got different reasons but could not get my net back, leading to heavy inconvenience to my professional life.

We are one of those unlucky lots who are always on move and have to depend on smart phones to get our work done but services like yours are real road blocks. It is very unfortunate that I have to deal with this and will decide to jump services at the first instance of promising service from other service provider.

Really very frustrated  and helpless with VODAFONE India